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Brunbjergvej 9B
8240 Risskov
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Bellinger House are the corporate company behind our three brands; Bellinger, BLAC and Entourage of 7
  • Bellinger
    Danish designer eyewear with that extra flavor. Wheather it's the shapes, details, unique color combnations or cuttings on the frames – Bellinger keeps things interesting. It is because of this, that our eyewear stands out from the crowd. We are colorful, passionate, personal and innovative.

    Bellinger feels very strongly about designing eyewear – to us, it is personal. We take great pride in designing each frame so that it compliments the face of every individual. When Bellinger designs, there is a feeling of raw energy, joy, excitement and passion. We want you to feel the same while looking your best in a Bellinger frame.

    Bellinger was founded in 2003 by designers Malene and Claus Bellinger Diederichsen. The ambition was, and still is, to design high quality eyewear for those who like to stand out.

  • BLAC - The original carbon fiber frame

    BLAC is an innovative designer eyewear brand, revolutionary made from carbon fiber reinforced with titanium. A lightweight frame but yet very strong. We are proud to have developed the world’s first adjustable carbon frame!

    BLAC is designed and handmade exclusively by our own specialized production team in the Bellinger House, Denmark. The top-secret novel production process allows for each BLAC frame to get special attention and craftsmanship, ensuring a unique design of each frame. All frames are custom made by hand for each individual customer with hinges, screws, and tips tailored for our BLAC frames
  • Entourage of 7 - luxury eyewear brand influenced by Los Angeles

    Entourage of 7 is luxury eyewear based in Los Angeles and influenced by the city in which it originates. In the City of Angels – an ever-changing multicultural melting pot, we find joy in pushing forward, constantly reminding ourselves to always be courageously creative. We aim to design beautiful spectacles for our rockers and rollers, lovers and sinners at Venice Beach – the birthplace of Entourage of 7.

    We base our design philosophy on the heritage of Los Angeles eyewear – but not resting here. Always keeping our eyes and mind open to new ideas.

    We manufacture our eyeglasses in Japan and Denmark. A great mix of tradition and cutting edge technology ensures a constant flow of creative ideas pushing our designs to new limits.

    From classic Japanese hinges with double rivets hammered into zyl acetate frames to laser cut aluminum alloys and titanium, we honor both the vintage traditions and embrace progress. Just like Los Angeles is constantly changing – so are we!