HENAU Eyewearcouture

HENAU Eyewearcouture


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Vlaanderenkaai 7
8500 Kortrijk
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The perfect way to describe Henau’s vision. Frames that blend optical functionality with avant-garde design. Every single model is drawn by hand by a true craftsman and graphic artist. Marc Delagrange loves what he does and does what he loves. Creating “objets d’art” with a high wearability. As eyewear couturier he knows that there’s more to designing than meets the eye. Imagining the pair of glasses that perfectly matches a face, translate personal preferences and character, requires both creativity and know-how. The eyes are the reflection of the soul, but the frame is the highway towards that soul. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Ps, there are no speed limits.

How it all began
This is a story about friendship, about craftsmanship, about inspiration. Back in the eighties, Marc Delagrange had its own optician store in Kortrijk. From time to time Marc worked together with Michel Henau, who had a store in Antwerp. They exchanged ideas, inspired each other, with sole purpose to provide the customer with the perfect pair of glasses. Result: tailormade eyewear, timeless pieces. Both Marc and Michel were art aficionados and creative thinkers. You know what they say about birds of a feather… They became good friends. Throughout the eighties they formed a perfect tandem, creativity flowed, designs were kicking in. The brand Michel Henau became a fashion statement.

A change of heart
Michel passed away due to a tragic accident. As an ode to his dearest friend, Marc decides to continue the brand. The memory of their friendship lives on through future collections.
From 2000 all models are being designed by Marc Delagrange. The brand Henau rose, radiating a strong vision on eyewear. Finesse in forms, geometric abstraction, timeless design. Nowadays the iconic collection counts over more than 200 different models. Each one comes in different colours. Henau is distributing over more than 750 stores, 30 countries. Worldwide, from Tokyo to Amsterdam, from New York to Paris, even in Kortrijk.

Our couturier
Henau is a Belgian based brand. Its flagstore is in Kortrijk, Belgium. Here you can meet the designer Marc Delagrange, but you can also discover his artwork. Besides drawing unique pieces of eyewearcouture Marc is also making art. Always creating, always looking for the perfect harmony. A feast for the eyes. In his Optical Gallery you enter a universe of genuine craftmanship. A once in a lifetime experience. Authentic in every possible way. There is no way like that highway.