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Färberstrasse 4
CH-8832 Wollerau
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MASSADA is independent European eyewear brand domiciled in Switzerland.

We search and choose the best craftsman in Japan and Italy to manufacture MASSADA frames. In selection course we measure state of excellence in the manufacturing process. Our partners are strict and consistent with commitment to highest standards that meet uniformity of a product. Our job never ends. We spend a lot of time in the artisan shops nurturing technical question and finding best solutions suitable for the particular design.It takes a year to develop a new frame. It takes several discussions, careful considerations and plenty of prototyping in order to reach ultimate desired effect. Manufacturing process itself consist of hundreds of steps and lasts for the period of over 8 months. Nothing can’t be rushed. Material needs to rest after each part of the process is completed. Handmade finishing and polishing requires patience, stubbornness and no compromises at grasping the last touch.We collaborate with the best craftsman in the world.
To produce eyewear frames in Japan one needs to get deep into the Japanese culture and social patterns. It is much more than simply creating a thing. It is complicated process of mutual interdependence in society which values the common good over the individual actions. Immersing in it is like becoming a member of the worship group praising work, tradition, discipline, precision and cooperation. We love that experience. The results are outstanding.

Italian eyewear craftsmanship comes from the mountains, similar areas as in Japan. Highlanders from Dolomiti mountains for centuries worked as artisans to provide insatiable appetite for luxury of eyewear from Venice nobility. Today few specialised family owned craftsmanship shops provide the best acetate cut and polished handmade frames. Our commitment and friendship with the most dedicated third generation family run shop proves invaluable for our bio acetate frames.

Veritas! We are in constant search of truth. Thoughts and ideas influence the way we act. Mind uses speculation power of thought and reflection. The reason is based on endless pursuit of understanding. Intuition, in our particular intellectual case is not excluded from the reason. Emotions have the cause. In MASSADA philosophy of art we engage in audience's aesthetics sensibilities. Emotional experiences is provided based on encountering real life and thoughtful exploration, research of various disciplinary territories involved in making human kind.Our center of gravity stands at the interest in The Man and the World.n practice we have been inspired by works of art, movies and science.

MASSADA stands for beginning. 8 is a start in the series of numbers to find the order.
Though, we are not there yet. We are just travelers dreaming of reaching destination called understanding.Design is our core competence. Our in house design is what we value most and refine breathlessly. MASSADA constantly challenges the convention of eyewear standard paths of design. Ingenuity is result of passion in structural innovations. At the heart lies deep-rooted conceptual analysis. Inspirations are based in natural science, mathematics, geometry and come as well from personal emotions, experiences, studies and perceived aesthetics impulses.

Inspirations are turned into the imaginative sketches processed over and over again, changing and forming. All pieces have direct links to works of art. They are evaluated, discussed and developed. Countless number of the ideas are dropped and only few survive when finally mastered. It takes massive amount of time and effort to arrive with presentable design ready for final development.
Aesthetics explores variety of materials and techniques. Pieces vary from acetate, combinations to metal frames.

MASSADA beauty objects are sophisticated in their integrity. Iconic look comes from its simplicity. Eyewear frame is a sculpture. Massada incorporates it literally in its design.