MIRA Measure - Lateral Reality Kft.

MIRA Measure - Lateral Reality Kft.


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Using only a phone or tablet and a mirror, MIRA accurately calculates not only your Pupillary Distance (PD), but all the required parameters that are needed for customised progressive lens fitting. Parameters such as the MonoPDs, Fitting Heights, Vertex Distance, Pantoscopic Angle, Box sizes, Wrap angle and Near Lookout Point can be measured.

MIRA Professional is our core product designed for opticians. This is an app which can be downloaded from the AppStore. With MIRA professional you can measure all the parameters mentioned above right at the spot when the customer is there. We recommend to use this app on iPads for the best accuracy. Also, we advise to use one of our hardware solutions next to the app.

MIRA Tower is our premium hardware solution for optical stores. It is designed to stand prominently and impressively in your optical practice. With a long mirror, motorised positioning the iPad device and optimal lighting, the tower will give your patients a real ‘wow’ factor while you take their measurements.

MIRA Tabletop is our new compact hardware solution which debuts at Opti 2020. Due to its reduced size it can be placed on every table or working station of a store. MIRA Tabletop beats the traditional lens fitting methods. It’s faster, more accurate and trendy.

Visit us at Booth C6 126 to test our solutions. We are looking forward to your questions and feedback.