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Bogdanova 22
Russian Federation
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Company profile

Hello. We're Gresso, The Next Generation Eyewear Company.
Broken glasses take a lot of time, money and nerves.
That why we created unbreakable glasses. You can use Gresso glasses actively without worrying about breaking them.
How we made it:
1. Memory titanium
With the best scientists we have developed a unique metal based on titanium. We named it memory titanium. It's a lightweight and super strong metal, allowing them to be bent or twisted but always return to their original shape.
2. Frame without weak points
We laser cut whole frame from a single piece of memory titanium. Our frames don't have welded joints, always the critical points in every pair of traditional glasses.
3. Screwless hinges
Screws often get lost and glasses break. We've invented and patented spring-loaded hinge without screws which ensures extra durability.
4. Gresso glasses - impossible to break but at the same time lightweight and super comfortable.
5. Designed in Miami
Gresso glasses were born in a heart of Downtown Miami is where our design studio located. Here we draw inspiration and create new designs.
6. Our background
We started in 1999 as engineering company and manufacturer of handcrafted mobile phones and accessories made of titanium. Each Gresso phone is «made for one person by one person» in the sense that each phone is assembled from start to finish by a single master.
We could tell you many things. But what do others say?