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Via Meassa 24
32100 Belluno
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HAPTER is an experimental progressive eyewear platform, occupying the grey area between industrial design (essential and functional, fast and efficient) and artisanal couture (emotional and “materic”, slow and generous).

It was founded in 2013 in Belluno, the area which is the cradle, since more than a century, of the world’s most prominent eyewear district. However, like a highly futuristic post-industrial gene mutation, HAPTER dissociated from this motionless under-layer: it dissected and deconstructed the ancient mastery of building glasses conducted unchanged through time, and developed its own technique, radical, experimental and highly technical, combining materials of different nature like surgical stainless steel, artisanal cotton fabrics, industrial rubber, through special receipts that are either patented, unprecedented in the industry or simply jealously and secretly kept.

Man is again at the heart of the technological, yet artisanal, process: post-industrial artisans that dominate and encourage the progress (rather than suffer its consequences), and challenge the machine, franticly giving life to unique pieces and new methods.

A continuous exploration within unknown territories, a process inaugurated by the retrieval in 2009 on the Dolomite Mountains of an old paid of glacier military goggles from the 1st World War. This archetype, back at the time a protection tool from harsh weather of the mountains, has been raised by Eric Balzan, the goggles finder and HAPTER founder, to a symbol of independency and change, and a motivation to develop an endogenous system of creativity and production.

HAPTER’s design studio and workshop, Hapterìa, is located in the old burg of Borgo Prà, a secluded and protected village at the Italian foot-hills of the Dolomites territory.

“haptic perception” (from apto, to touch and aptomai, to be touched), is the process of recognizing objects through touch, and a possibility of the eyes to advance like touch, going beyond the mere figurative performance of objects.